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Stamping Die, It Is So Easy To Learn
Sep 28, 2017

Stamping die according to the nature of the process: punching die, bending die, drawing die, forming mold, riveting mold

According to the degree of process combination classification, mold can be divided into single-mode, composite die, progressive die, transfer mode.

According to the different processing methods, mold can be divided into punching die, bending mold, drawing mold, forming mold and compression mold.

The basic components of the stamping die: the upper cover, on the mold seat, on the plate, plywood, off the plate, stripping plate, the next template, under the mold seat, the material components, punch, unloading plate inserts, , The wrong feed inspection device, the outer guide column, guide sleeve, the guide column, guide sleeve, limit column, guide pin, fixed bolt, plug, discharge spring, discharge screw.