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The Cause Of Turning, Twisting, And The Solution
Sep 29, 2017

The reason

In the progressive die, by punching the stamping parts around the remaining material to form the shape of the punch. The main cause of the punching and twisting is the effect of the blanking force. At the time of punching, the material is stretched on the side of the die (the material is warped upward) due to the presence of the blanking gap, and is compressed by the punch side. When the discharge plate is used, the material of the die side is prevented from being warped upward by pressing the material with the discharge plate, and the force of the material is changed accordingly. With the increase of the pressing force of the discharge plate, the material on the punch side is stretched (the compressive force tends to decrease) and the material on the die surface is compressed (the tensile force tends to decrease). The reversal of the stamping part is due to the drawing of the material on the die face. Therefore, when punching, pressing and pressing the material is to prevent the punching material to produce material, twist the focus.


(1) reasonable mold design. In the progressive die, the arrangement of the cutting sequence may affect the accuracy of the forming of the stamping parts.

(2). Press the material. To overcome the traditional mold design structure, in the discharge plate out of the gap (that is, when the mold is closed, the discharge plate and die fit, and the material to pay off the discharge plate and die gap for the material thickness t-0.03 ~ 0.05 mm). So, stamping in the unloading plate movement is smooth, and the material can be pressed. Key forming parts, the discharge plate must be made into a block structure, to facilitate the solution to a long time caused by the discharge plate pressure material parts of the mill (pressure) loss, and can not compress the material.

(3). Added strong pressure function. (Normal discharge inserts thickness H + 0.03mm), to increase the pressure on the die side of the material, thus inhibiting the punching when the stamping parts produce turning, twisting deformation.

(4). Punches the edge of the edge of the mouth to repair the slope or arc. This is an effective way to reduce the punching force. Reducing the blanking force, can reduce the tensile material on the concave side of the material, so as to achieve the suppression of stamping parts to produce material, twist effect.

(5). Daily mold production, should pay attention to maintain the punching convex, concave die edge sharpness. When the punching edge wear, the tensile stress of the material will increase, so that the stamping parts produce turning, twisted tend to increase.

(6). Blanking gap is irrational or uneven gap is also produced stamping parts turning, twisting the reason, to be overcome.

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