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The Method Of Solving The Problem Of Shrinkage In Precision Injection Molding
Sep 28, 2017

Precision injection mold forming process prone to shrinkage phenomenon of heat shrinkage, phase change shrinkage, orientation contraction, compression and contraction of these four cases,

1, heat shrinkage is due to the mold temperature and product temperature is too high, resulting in increased actual shrinkage, so the mold processing process to strictly control the mold temperature.

2, phase transformation shrinkage generally occurs in the crystalline resin molding process, mold temperature affect the degree of crystallinity, the temperature is too high circumstances increased crystallinity, the two affect the actual shrinkage.

3, the direction of contraction can be controlled by the injection speed to avoid;

4, for compression shrinkage and elastic reset the situation, generally take to increase the pressure to reduce the specific volume of molded products, the density will increase, the expansion coefficient is reduced to improve the shrinkage.