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What Is Stamping Parts, Do You Know?
Sep 29, 2017

The world's steel, there are 60 to 70% of the plate, most of which is finished by stamping. Car body, chassis, fuel tank, radiator, boiler drum, container shell, motor, electrical iron core silicon steel sheet are stamping processing. Instrumentation, household appliances, bicycles, office machinery, life utensils and other products, there are a large number of stamping parts.

Stamping parts and castings, forging compared to a thin, uniform, light, strong features. Stamping can be made by other methods difficult to manufacture with stiffeners, ribs, undulating or flanging of the workpiece to improve its rigidity. As a result of precision molds, the workpiece accuracy of up to micron level, and repeat high precision, consistent specifications, you can punch out the hole nest, bumps and so on.

Cold stamping parts are generally no longer machined, or require only a small amount of cutting. Hot stamping parts accuracy and surface state is lower than the cold stamping parts, but still better than castings, forgings, cutting less.

Stamping is an efficient production method, the use of composite mold, especially the multi-station progressive die, can be completed in a press punching process, to achieve by the material open-book, leveling, punching to the forming, finishing the whole Automatic production. High production efficiency, good working conditions, low production costs, the general production of hundreds of pieces per minute.